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Warning... for giga geeks only.


Okay, if you've made it here, you obviously need a hobby or a pet.


This site has been developed on a conglomerate of systems. I developed most of it in raw HTML and Javascript through Notepad. Sure, I did a bit with Dreamweaver, but its support of Javascript is kind of maddening. Frankly, I find working directly in the code to be better, but that's probably from my background in SGML and UNIX. In lieu of a site map, one can be easily created by expanding the first 7 link blocks in the left-side navigation bar.


I have learned Javascript by applying my knowledge of objected oriented lisp programming. Although I studies many examples on the web and through Beginning Javascript by Paul Wilton, published by WROX publishing, I have endeavored to create my code pretty much from scratch. I can confirm much of it has an IE 5.5 bias in its functionality. Given the time and an ongoing user base of Netscape and Mozilla users, I will make this site more cross-platform friendly. That said, given the predominance of IE, it may not happen for a while, if ever.


Graphics were done by me, except for purloined images of Todd Joneses, mostly using Adobe Photoshop, including the little navigation jpegs to the left, the toddjones animation at the top and the blurry todds. The jukebox was put together with the hideous junk program PowerPoint.

I hope you have found your visit to my vanity site to be fun. Please let me know if you have any issues with the content, the client-side programming or the general flavour of your experience here.



This site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4 and greater, although all attempts have been made to allow it to limp along in browsers less rigorously upfunctioned.

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