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sound generation and capture facilities.


HUGE sound generation and capture facilities is finally fully digital. It serves as my personal (not for hire!!!!) recording studio for the sole purpose of capturing and distributing my eclectic compositions and my band performances.

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Originally, it resided deep in the basement of my home within two ample rooms full of wires and knobs. After relocating to our dream home, I have implemented HUGE as a standalone building a few dozen feet from the main house, nestled in the woods. It is a 4000 ft³ facility that is basically one medium size room with a cathedral ceiling and a loft. .

The facility is constructed from cinderblock, whose voids have been filled with sand. This approach, in conjunction with double pane windows and an airlock entry afford a very high level of soundproofing. Inside and out are stucco'ed for a nice Grecko-Roman vibe. Our builder, who is also a musician on the side, constructed the empty shell while building our main house. Other than the loft surface, it was a veritable tabula rasa upon which my imprecise, yet inspired building skills were applied.

The dimensions of 16" X 23" were chosen to ensure there were minimal standing waves. The ceiling is a cathedral ceiling, with trussing to blunt the angle. It pitches from 10 to 14 feet, providing a nice vertical projection and room for bass frequencies to mature. The facility is a compromised multi-purpose room for tracking, mixing, rehearsing and hanging out. Thus it is a single room , providing challenges, but ultimately giving me the space I need without pushing my budget way over the top. It is equipped with a sleeping loft and a pseudo airlock entryway.

It has an in wall air conditioner, which is pretty loud. Even in the hot and muggy south, this is not a big problem. With the high ceilings, it is quite bearable to simply turn it off and work for several hours before recharging the unit. Heat is supplied by a wall mounted gas heater. It operates without a blower, to reduce noise and provide alternative heat for the not-so-occasional ice storms that knock out power for days on end.

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