Music for complacent Americans.


Nov 1, 7:00 @ Sadlack's in Raleigh

Nucular is a 4 piece combo that plays original music, mostly in the triangle area of North Carolina. We are jaded, balding, easily winded and unimpressed by the self-absorption of today's youth culture. Our music is sometimes wistful, usually silly, often perverted and occasionally enlightening. Descriptions are often useless (we're a blend of roots rock, funk, jazz, country, punk, metal, ska, new wave and wimp pop, thanks for asking!), so head to my jukebox and check out "The Happy Song" or "Bootie Machine" to hear what we're all about.

Our lyrics are not for the timid. While we espouse universal themes of love, peace, understanding and nasty lust, we do stoop to the occasional purile wordplay to ensure we maintain that "street credibility" that is so crucial in today's urban marketplace.

Here's the band lineup:

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