Tour of Duty
Another romantic tragedy song


1989 Todd E. Jones

Baby, baby, baby, I don't want another Vietnam
Like the one we had last night, out on the front lawn
And dontcha dontcha dontcha go building no Berlin wall
With the bricks so wide and tall to keep your heart from defecting

But what you're doing to me is an act of treason
Can't think of any reason why you'd find our tete a tete offensive?
But it's a crying shame, there's no one left on which to foist the blame
No one to wear the ball and chain of the failures of compromise

And I can't live, you know I can't live, in no police state
every single move I make is watched by hidden cameras

I'm not looking for a world war, I'm not ready for a confrontation
I'm just waiting out my tour of duty

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