Kill De White Mon
No, I'm serious. Kill his flabby ass.


1990 Todd E. Jones

No natty dread on the top of him head
Jah never see his naked feet
Him kill the jungle, him poison the sea
He need lotion when he in the heat
Him put Jah down just to raise himself higher
Never listens to his own messiah
He treat his woman as another posession
Anyone different he greets with oppression

It's hard to understand, what with all his wealth and power
There's never an amount that is good enough
It's easy to forget, as he steal from those below him
that he was once from Mother Africa

The sweat of others is money in his purse
What he no longer needs, he puts in a hearse
He change Ja world trying to better his condition
But the coming of the king will him into submission

Kill de White Mon!!!

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