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Dedicated to David Koresh and George Bush


1992 Todd E. Jones

Hold your breath, close your eyes
We're in control now, we have your interests at heart
There are so many like you
You can entrust yourself to our caring hands

Open your mind, leave it behind you as we wash away the pain
Free from the chains of disbelief
Start to receive all we believe so you can be part of the whole
Empty your soul, we will control

Free yourself, let go of your will
We can relieve you from the burden of choice
Hush your fears, silence your tongue
We're speaking for you now
We're working on your behalf

I am the television set
The politician you elect
I am the chairman of the board
The preacher between you and the Lord
You're on innocent standby
You don't realize you can fly above us all

We will control you
Don't make a move 'til you to
Just listen closely as we tell you what to do
We have a plan, we have a vision
I am the man, I am the mission

Someone hand me the good bomb...

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