(Crank Up) Da' Bootie Machine
If you can't get outta the gutter, might as well wallow...


1999 Todd E. Jones

She got me sweatin' like I'm browsing a bad magazine
She got me choking on a mouthful of my own dopamine
I take a gander and my eyeballs begin to careen
My head is pounding from the pressure just below my spleen
She got me reelin' from feelings that are so Philistine
I need a quarantine from that Bootie

Crank up the Bootie Machine!

Her body moves in ways the likes of which I've never seen
Just like a sweet snake charmer, if you know what I mean
I can't help myself from scaning this compelling scene
I check for indications that she's no cootie queen
She got me aching for another hit of her nicotine
She lights me up just like kerosine with that Bootie Machine

Crank up the Bootie Machine!

Crank up the Bootie Machine!

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