D E V I L T A L K !
Go to hell Carolina, go to hell!


The most amusing, hyperbole-laden listserv of Duke Blue Devils Basketball punditry on the planet.

Devil Talk originated in 1996 when Todd Jones's brother Jason was sent to Denmark for a year by his employer, Novo Nordisk. Starved of hoops news (it was still the early days of the internet), Todd dutifully sent Jason morning after reports which provided colorful, biased analyses of Devil games whose scores he could check on the web. Monthly video deliveries were made to bring him all the action, but the absence of a testosterone-induced manly repartee left him hanging pitifully on Todd's words, typos and all.

Friends slowly made their way onto the Cc: list and as the snowball accumulated and folks weighed in, the list was born! Hallmarks of the nascent emailings included over-the-top rantings, very localized quickly aging vernacular and a penchant for extreme Duke bias among the respondents.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Orb Communications Corp. (run by rabid Dukie and ex-X-teen bandmate Ned "Nedrum" Robie), we have an oh-fishul listservice!


The founding members of the list (those on the mailing list as of 1/1/99) shall serve as a dictatorial body, beyond accountability to anyone other than their collective inflated sense of self-importance and to Shane. Thus the following infractions, upon judgement from this junta may result in expulsion or permanent lock-out (oh the horrors!):

Samples from the past...

Here are some sample Devil Musings from the past:

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