Serial Number: S705724 - 1977 according to www.fender.com's axe dater.
    Condition: Very Good. No significant dings, some gentle wear.
    Vintageness: All original, pickguard is white, which seems very unusual for this model, but it has all the knob position detents, so I figure it's real. OHSC in great condition

  • 2 Seth Lover Humbuckers - thought by many to be the best humbux ever
  • Gibson style wiring.
  • Funky, yet original Strat-esque headstock
  • Giant, yet original pickguard
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Lots of mass kids!

    In many ways, the closest Fender has ever come to making a Les Paul. Traditional Tele players may feel a bit out of place with this axe, but distortion fans will find it an awesome treat. Think of Keith Richards, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Sonic Youth and other hard distorting rockers with class.

    Click thumbnails below. (spokesmodel not included)

Hi Todd,
Congrats! I love those Seth Lover designed Fender Humbuckers. True, the classic Tele sounds are a bit out of reach, but both the Deluxes and the Customs (neck humbucker only) are GREAT all around guitars! I've had two Customs (one with a Bigsby I couldn't do anything with, though it appreciated in value exponentially while I owned it a few short years).
I have sought out those Fender Humbuckers for project guitars, though they've gotten scarce now. I like them better than any other humbucker on the planet! They're sweet. Just right for kick butt bridge or nice jazz neck. Easy to work on too, for coil splitting, etc.
I happen to like micro-adjust necks too, fashion be damned.
Sounds like you scored a winner guitar!