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A leadership position in information technologies which emphasizes business analysis, automation optimization, and architectural oversight while utilizing current and emerging technologies for delivering customer value.

Analysis - I am proficient at examining business processes and devising efficient automated solutions which address customer needs, ensure supportability and fit within a holistic system topology.
- I am a highly creative individual, taking pride in my ability to envision business challenges in new ways and devising innovative solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.
Communication - I am adept with language. By way of spoken, written and visual means, I convey ideas with clarity, credibility and conviction.
Leadership - With more than 10 years of experience managing in multi-cultural and international environments, I provide leadership that is inspiring, focused, and compassionate.
Business Acumen - I possess a keen regard for customer value, production efficiencies and retention of customer loyalty. My track record is one of consistently identifying opportunities for customer improvement and providing solutions in anticipation of customer need.
Productivity - I meet my commitments. I work efficiently, producing quantifiable results based on, and validated against, customer requirements and customer satisfaction.

2003 - Present   Chief Information Officer
Orange County Government, NC.
Responsible for technology infrastructure for County government, including developing information technology architecture, managing technical support organization for 750 desktops, leading applications development team in delivering solutions for diverse constituency of over 100,000 citizens. Define and deploy county web presence for promotion of interactive e-Democracy solutions. Provide strategic direction to Orange County's computing environment, including interfaces with municipal governments, peer counties, state and federal governments. Supported functions include Social Services, Health, Libraries, Planning, Land Records, E911, Sheriff's Office, Solid Waste, Animal Services, Housing, Elections, Budgeting, Courts and many more.

2001 - 2002 Senior Program Manager
Computer Sciences Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC.
Managing multi-site, cross-functional teams to constraints of schedule, budget, resourcing levels and program scope using internal corporate project management methodologies.

Projects: Applications Manager, PC Rapid Refresh Program. Leading software applications team in preparation for North American deployment of over 20,000 Dell personal computers. Scope of responsibilities includes leading team of application specialists in analyzing and packaging applications using Contrado's System Builder tool for mass deployment across Nortel account, resolving installation related inter-application conflicts, client engagement to ensure business application coverage is complete, serve as applications organization liaison in engagement with Infrastructure and computing security organizations and executive level interaction to ensure organizational involvement.

New Applications Transition Manager. Successfully managed program for transitioning the support of over 100 critical business applications from myriad client based support models into unified internal corporate support systems. Supervised management and staff in engaging client, internal and external subject matter experts to perform extensive knowledge transfer for transitioning applications, including researching the technical, architectural, business, infrastructure and support legacy information of applications so that they can be seamlessly transitioned into internal support system. Engaged regularly with executive board overseeing transition activities of customer account downsizing, to ensure expanded customer commitments are maintained, while tightly managing revenue and profit margins.

2000 - 2001 Sub-Portfolio Manager, Training and Documentation
Computer Sciences Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC. Managed support and development of software applications portfolio for Nortel Networks account. Directed project management personnel and resource management personnel throughout North America to provide holistic technical services for all authoring and training content development, content management, rendering and delivery for over 800 technical information developers and trainers worldwide. Managed organization of 65 persons full time employees and contractors. Scope of responsibilities included program management and budget oversight for over $9,000,000 annually and ownership of technical decisions for authoring systems, content repository and rendering systems for delivering technical information on-product, in paper, on CD-ROM, over the Internet, via corporate intranets, in XML source, PDA's and emerging media.

1999 - 2000 Senior Manager, Authoring Systems, Global Training & Documentation
Nortel Networks, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC. Responsible for hiring and supervising technical, professional and management personnel across the United States and Canada to deliver an XML based authoring environment to global documentation community, including structured authoring software, repository for configuration management of XML data, link management and interface to publishing systems. Directed program for automated extraction and preparation of document files for XML delivery to customers across the globe. Responsibilities included customer engagement, program scoping and management using PMI and Rational Unified Process methods and tools, supervision of Omnimark development, vector graphics conversion and packaging to telecommunications industry standards. Provided management of outsourcing initiatives of customer base and staff in two separate initiatives.

1995 - 1999 Manager, Documentation Tools Development & Support
Nortel Networks, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC. Responsible for hiring and supervising technical personnel for the development and support of documentation tools for an international authoring community of over 200. Coordinated requirements gathering and processing from telecommunications customers, software developers and authors to produce, configure and maintain reusable SGML/XML documentation for publishing on Internet, Intranet, on-product, PDAs, paper and source XML. Managed multi-site workforce of 10 and budget of $1,500,000 to meet departmental and corporate objectives for generating, compiling and distributing documentation in paper and electronic formats to customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

1991 - 1995 Senior Systems Analyst, Documentation Tools Development & Support
Northern Telecom, Research Triangle Park, NC. Developed object oriented programs in lisp, C and shell programming languages on the UNIX platform to produce structured documentation, automate publishing, book compilation, quality control and distribution to customers and translations agencies world wide. Personally increased authoring productivity by 15%, yielding a savings of over $500,000/year for global documentation organization.

1987 - 1991 Senior Technical Writer, DMS-10
Northern Telecom, Research Triangle Park, NC. Researched, designed, wrote and edited customer documentation for telecommunications switching software and hardware. Successfully managed migration from Xerox publishing system to UNIX/Interleaf by developing conversion filters, target templates and toolsets for migration, exceeding target schedules and quality milestones.

1984 - 1987 Technical Writer, INix Software Development Lab
SCI Systems, Research Triangle Park, NC. Researched, designed, wrote and edited customer documentation for UNIX software and hardware. Designed registered trademark logotype.

Hardware: PCs, Hewlett Packard 700 series, DEC 5000 Series, Macintosh, Sun
Operating Systems: Win (all flavors), HPUX, Ultrix, INix, Solaris, MacOS, DOS
Publishing Systems: Interleaf, SoftQuad's XMetaL, ArborText Epic Editor, FrameMaker+SGML, MSWord, WordPerfect
Multimedia: MIDI, wav, mp3, miscellaneous digital audio manipulation software, CSS, Macromedia Dream Weaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, CGM
Markup Languages: SGML, XML, HTML, DHTML, Interleaf ASCII, Maker Interchange Format, troff, script
Programming Languages: lisp, C, PostScript, Javascript, shell programming, Java, PL1
Design Methodologies: UML, Rational Unified Process, Object Oriented Analysis, PMI Project Management

Duke University, Durham, NC
Received Bachelors Degree with a double major in Philosophy and Economics

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
Two years of undergraduate coursework

University of North Carolina School of Government
County Administration